Association Officers

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Jim Monroe-------------President [email protected]

Lynn Hodge------- Vice president [email protected]

Jake Nelson----------- Secretary [email protected]

Bill Watson ------------Treasurer [email protected]

John Schreiner-------- Executive Officer [email protected]

Katie Feinauer----------- Chief Instructor [email protected]

Phil Doddridge----------Sportsmans Park Repesentative [email protected]

Katie Feinauer-------Gun Show [email protected]

Match Directors

Jon Mckellar------------DefensivePistol [email protected]

Bill and Larry Watson---Action Steel [email protected]

Jake Nelson-------------IPSC / USPSA [email protected]

Charlie Halversen--------Steel Challenge [email protected]

Bryan Vanderpol--------Sporting Clays [email protected]

Brent Glidden--------------Bowling Pins [email protected]

Lanny Fujishin----------Handgun Classes 541-884-0695