3 Guns

As the name implies, multigun competition is the use of rifle, pistol and shotgun in various combinations (or alone) to engage targets as directed by stage description. Rifles are used anywhere out to 300 yards. Shotguns are used primarily with bird shot to engage steel or clay fliers, but may be charged with slugs to shoot cardboard. Handguns are also used on cardboard and various steel targets.

Rifles are generally AR15 in .223 or some variant.

Shotguns include pump and auto. 12 Gauge being the most popular.

Handguns are generally semi auto in center fire calibers.

At the Sportsman's Park we shoot multigun for fun and practice. Some may be training for a big match and others are simply out to have a good time. If a shooter shows up with guns that don't match the above they will not be turned away.

Upcoming Event

Here is a link to view upcoming events schedule at Klamath Sportsman's Park.