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Bowling Pins

Bowling Pin matches began in 1975 when Richard Davis sponsored a handgun match using pins as reactive targets. Davis is the founder of Second Chance Body Armor, the first widely available ballistic vests for law enforcement. The first match was by invitation, the invitees being officers whose lives had been saved by Second Chance Body Armor.

The match grew over the years until it became an eight day affair with more than 500 entrants. Originally, five pins were placed on a table and the object was to remove all the pins from the table using a handgun. Now there are many variations on that idea with two tiered tables, eight and nine-pin events, and shotgun stages. Scoring is based on the time from the start signal until the last pin hits the ground. Sounds simple, and it is, until a pin falls over but does not leave the table. A pin wedged against the side wall of the table or a group of pins lying on the table is called ‘deadwood’. Just keep shooting, eventually they will fall off.

At JSSA we shoot the five-pin, two tiered tables with handguns and shotguns. We hold a major prize shoot in the spring. There are four classes of handguns; single action revolver, stock revolver, stock semi-auto pistol and open. There are two classes of shotgun; pump and semi-auto. We may have .22 rimfire handgun matches in the fall and winter. No special equipment or firearm is required although there are shooters who do have special purpose guns for the match.

As with all our matches, we welcome new shooters of all ages. The emphasis is on safety with fun being the important end result. Our Bowling Pin Chairman is Brent Glidden. He can be reached by email: [email protected]

Here is a link to view upcoming events scheduled at Klamath Sportsman's Park.

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